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Slow Postpartum

Working with women throughout their pregnancy and postpartum journeys I’m constantly blown away by how adaptable and resilient the female body is. I do however, strongly encourage women to take it slow during the postpartum window, even if you’re feeling on top of the world following the birth of your baby. Here’s just a few reasons why.

  • You have a wound the size of a dinner plate where your placenta has just detached from your uterus. If this wound were visible on the outside people would rush you to the hospital and no one would expect you to lift a finger.

  • The ligaments and fascia that support the uterus take time to return to pre-pregnancy length and strength. Overexerting yourself in the postpartum period can lead to prolapse or retroversion. Just like you would take care of a sprained ankle (because you have stretched the ligaments) be sure to take care of your pelvis and uterus.

  • 100% of women experience rectus-diastasis (abdominal separation) at full gestation. 39% of those women still have separation at 6 months postpartum. So the simple act of sitting up too quickly or "incorrectly" can aggravate abdominal separation in the early stages of postpartum

So take it easy in the postpartum period and get Osteopathic treatment to assist the body's own healing mechanism
Jess xx


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