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Osteopathy for Pregnancy

Osteopathy is a manual therapy that is proven to be a gentle and effective therapy for mothers and babies. Dr Jess Michaels has a special interest and passion for treating women throughout their pregnancy. Her treatment aims to encourage Optimal fetal Positioning to help ensure a straightforward birth.

The aim of Osteopathic treatment during pregnancy aims to assist the natural process of pregnancy and birth by maximising your body's ability to change and support you and your baby with minimum pain and discomfort. Your osteopath will carefully select the best treatment techniques to assure your safety and comfort.

Osteopaths assess and treat many common complaints associated with pregnancy and the post-natal period. These include:

⁃ Lower back pain and sciatica

⁃ Aching legs or feet

⁃ Numbness and tingling in the hands

⁃ Neck, shoulder or middle back pain

⁃ Shortness of breath

⁃ Incontinence

⁃ Poor sleep

- Pubic symphysis dysfunction


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