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What is Mum Thumb!?

Unless you have a little one you may not have heard the term “Mum’s Thumb”, otherwise known as De Quervains Tenosynovitis (and in some circles know as Tinder Finger haha).

Tenosynovitis commonly occurs as an overuse injury. It’s a painful condition that is commonly experienced by new mums when looking after their infants.

So, while you don’t actually have to be a Mum to get Tenosynovitis its super common in this demographic due to the repetitive tasks associated with caring for a new baby - ie. holding and lifting your baby, feeding baby, bathing baby and changing nappies etc. So us Mums are at a higher risk of developing the condition. Another reason new Mums are at a higher risk is due to hormonal changes that lead to looser ligaments and increased swelling and fluid retention.

So how do we fix it and get some relief:

- Aim to reduce inflammation

- Alternate between Ice and Heat

- Rest and modified movement (HAHA REST FOR A NEW MUM!? Unlikely! Anyone got some modified ways to pick up your baby?!)

- SEE YOUR OSTEOPATH!!! Osteopathic treatment will aim to reduce swelling and inflammation using various techniques to the periarticular tissues around the wrist, hand, forearm and even up into the shoulder and thoracic spine. Sometimes poor ergonomics/biomechanics associated with pregnancy, breastfeeding and carrying an infant can have long reaching affects and even be part of the reason that annoying Mum thumb developed.

- Jess xo


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